Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Starting a Career As a Secretary

Starting a career as a secretary takes patience and preparation. First the budding secretary will need to seek out and apply for multiple jobs. Fortunately there are many secretarial positions at companies throughout the United States. Finding these jobs takes a little sleuthing online and in-person networking offline.

Before applying for jobs, the job seeker may want to get a good idea as to what a day in the life of a secretary is like. To do this, he or she will want to take a look at some typical job descriptions.

Secretarial duties include answering the phone, directing calls, responding to queries, arranging travel, booking conference rooms, welcoming guests, shuttling guests around building, alerting people of visitors, tidying reception area, creating correspondence, and handling the coordination of mail in and out of the office. They send out emails, fax documents, retrieve files, cancel and confirm appointments, take and file insurance, write down messages, update appointment calendars, prepare travel vouchers, perform bookkeeping, word processing, file documents, collect parcels, and perform research over the Internet.

Secretaries input data into databases and manage the dissemination of this information. greet visitors and manage the scheduling of the board room or common conference area. Many receptionists work in salons and spas, greeting customers and booking appointments.

They also use computer software to create spreadsheets, compose messages, manage databases, and produce presentations, reports, and documents. They may negotiate with vendors, buy supplies, manage stockrooms or corporate libraries, and get data from various sources.

Finding a job as a secretary may prove to be easier than finding a highly specialized job. Secretaries and administrative assistants, except legal, medical, and executive is the largest subcategory of secretaries and administrative assistants, according to the BLS. They handle an office's administrative activities in almost every sector of the economy, including schools, government agencies, and private corporations. Therefore there is an abundance of these jobs in all industries.

After determining the duties of a secretary, the job seeker will want to start looking at jobs online. Try general job boards or more niche-specific job boards. You can also look at company career sites. Try a search for 'secretary.' You can also look under the category 'receptionist,' since these job titles can be interchangeable.

After searching, you'll most likely get a list showing several hundred results. Narrow this search by selecting only those that are in the geographical area you want to work in. You can further narrow the search by experience level, company, and salary.

After the search has been narrowed, you'll have a chunk of jobs that are relevant to your skillet. Now you can start applying. Be sure you read the instructions very carefully. Submit a cover letter and resume to each posting. If the job posting calls for an application, you'll want to answer all questions with honesty and integrity.

Now that your applications have been submitted, you'll want to keep a close eye out on your phone and email. Always call back a potential interviewer as soon as possible. When getting interview instructions, ensure you know exactly where the business is located. Arrive promptly, but not too early. You'll want to bring a copy of your updated resume and references.

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