Sunday, February 19, 2012

Energy Broker: Is It the Right Career For You?

For many years, power companies monopolized the energy industry. However, because of the deregulation policy, the US government has mandated these utility companies to discard their generation plants through transfer to a deregulated venture. This has forced both the supplier and the utility company to use the wholesale energy industry to purchase power commodities.

As a result, individual consumers have the liberty to select any supplier of electricity and gas that they want. Now, there is a larger opportunity for common people, without any technical know-how and experience, to explore a new career as an energy broker who can help other individual consumers or business establishments to select an external power company which could allow them to save on energy costs.

Here are some important questions you must ask yourself before you dive into this career:

Are you ready to help other people to save on their energy bills?

Are you ready to share information that is crucial in the energy industry?

Are you open to the idea of saving on electricity and gas money?

Do you have ambition?

Do you want to create a passive source of income?

If your answer to most of the questions above is yes, then a career as an energy broker is suitable for you.

As a consequence of several major setbacks in our economy, millions of people are now searching for innovative and alternative ways to boost their income and to save on expenses. A career in energy brokerage and consultancy is a good choice because you this means that you are in the business not only for your personal goals through the help of an extensive network.

You can choose to be home-based so that you can work on your own time and convenience, as hard as you need to and you can also work on your own terms. Depending on your personal and money goals, you can have the chance to tap a passive and large source of income as an energy broker.

There is no need to have extensive knowledge and experience in sales and marketing to become lucrative in this career. There is no need to sell anything since the only thing you need to do is to share a crucial information to the people around you and beyond on how they can save on money.

If you are determined in searching for your own financial security, then a career, as energy consultant or a broker is a smart option. There are many power suppliers you can choose to work with. However, you must be wary since most of these suppliers would charge large membership or start up fees before you could work as a broker for them. In fact, many power suppliers charge at least a few hundred dollars aside from the monthly fees. Bear in mind that you do not need to pay anything to a company to become a broker.

Look for a supplier that does not ask for fees or make profit from those who are interested in becoming an energy broker. An optional fee for a background review is tolerable. This will provide you all the necessary trainings and tools you need to become lucrative in the industry.

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